About Us

At Bike Mechanic , we share our passion for smooth and excellent riding by maintaining your bike throughout the year. Our goal is to offer valuable services at affordable prices. That too, right on your doorstep! We understand that there is nothing worse than wasting your whole day for the vehicle to be repaired at the garage. Bike Mechanic provides free pickup and drop service with no additional fee. Bike Mechanic works on all types of bikes from 100cc scooters to highend sports motorcycles. We try to put all our dedication, knowledge, and in everything, we do here at Bike Mechanic.

Our Purpose

As we all know, the two-wheeled vehicle is the most important component of our daily life. However, when it comes to maintaining them, the experience of observing the garage and swinging with the mechanic is terrible. Therefore, the maintenance of a two-wheeler vehicle is at the bottom of the priority pyramid. Two-wheeler vehicles are the 2nd largest contributors to vehicular air pollution. One of the main reasons is the lack of timely maintenance, and therefore our ambition is to help vehicle owners reduce their carbon footprint by providing vehicle owners with trouble-free access to vehicle maintenance and management.

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